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If it wasn't for SJI, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Period. The program not only shifted the course of my career, it instilled in me the confidence that I can make it in this business. SJI is a family, and the program was my launching pad. I'll forever be grateful and proud to be an SJI alum."

Candace buckner
Sports columnist, The Washington Post

"Every young reporter deserves what SJI gave me: a boot camp for honing skills and deadline writing, daily tests of sports knowledge old and current, and a nationwide family of journalists you know will always have your back. "

Rachel bachman
Wall Street Journal

I didn't study journalism in college, nor could I, so programs such as the Sports Journalism Institute formed my essential training in the profession. The mentors helped prepare me for my internships and, eventually, my future jobs. I made lifelong friends and connections through the program. I'm a better sports journalist today because of SJI."

James wagner
International correspondent,
The New York Times
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