June 8, 2020

An impact from something unexpected

Kamryn Walker

What a year it has been, and we have only just reached the halfway brink. Not in a million years would I have thought we would start a new decade with the death of a Hall of Fame basketball player, Kobe Bryant, a worldwide pandemic, the cancellation of all sports, and most recently, riots across the country.

Our country is experiencing so many changes, which can be scary and overwhelming to keep up with. Sometimes it is easier to just turn off the news and think everything is okay, (which I do) but then ignorance gets in the way of having an opinion and taking a stand for what you believe. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, my life has obviously taken a different turn than I expected. I cannot hug some of my elder family members, events that I had been looking forward to having been canceled, and I concluded my junior year at Clemson University virtually. However, in all of the madness and familiarizing myself with what the new normal may look like, I have to cling to the positives to save my mentality. None of my loved ones have been affected by COVID-19, their employment status is secure, and everyone is in a safe environment.

Sometimes I forget to take that chill pill that everyone needs once in a while. COVID-19 has allowed me to take life a little bit slower, day by day. I am a planner, I like a routine. So you can imagine the anxiety the virus has caused me from the uncertainty of our current lives.

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