June 15, 2020

Brooks and Edwards provide context

Christopher Lindsay

Today was enlightening in several ways. I believe one of the main focuses was overcoming being counted out due to the demographic or community you represent. Arizona State football coach Herm Edwards likened the experience to going to the plate in a baseball game already down two strikes. While this type of situation is prevalent for people of color in every walk of life, I found it particularly interesting to see how it affects those in the NFL. I was made aware of several unspoken microaggressions that occur in the league, such as the manner in which the media described incumbent Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury as opposed to his minority counterparts. I found it rather shocking that there are several NFL teams that have still never employed a minority head coach. It’s not something that I’ve ever really thought about. Scott Brooks did a great job of applying cold, hard facts to the larger social context and hiring disparities. Something else that stood out after being able to speak with Edwards, who is African American, was the idea that sometimes the moves you make are for the generation behind you. As we traverse through this search for equality in the fallout of the George Floyd killing, I’ve been provided with the new perspective that these marches, protests and riots are potentially for our children as opposed to us.

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