May 27, 2021

Class forms an amazing support group

Claire Kuwana

After the SJI Class of 2021 was announced, I immediately looked at  the other members of the group -- their accomplishments, careers  and academic accolades -- and was super intimidated. I felt imposter syndrome almost immediately, like I didn’t measure up to my classmates or was bound to be outshined.

I have an entirely different perspective halfway through boot camp. I still admire my classmates, and think they are all super impressive, but now, rather than being intimidating, the 14 of them are now an amazing support group for me throughout this busy week.

This morning, I took an hour off from boot camp to take an economics midterm. Being so busy all week, I had pretty much forgotten that it was coming up until last night, when I was reminded that I was going to have to shift back into school mode for an hour in the middle of a speaker I was really excited to hear.

I started to stress out and mentioned it to a few of my classmates, who immediately helped reassure me. And even after I took the midterm, these people -- who I have only known for a few days -- checked back in to see how it went and got me right up to speed to get back to work on boot camp.

Although this week is demanding for us students, it has been made infinitely better because of the support system we have fostered. Those people who I was daunted by, who I thought were way ahead of me back in the winter, have been the same people who have uplifted me today.

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