June 14, 2020

Finding the silver lining through a pandemic

Edith Noriega

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected me in a way I never would have imagined. Before the pandemic, I focused heavily on three things; my career, education and side job. Now, for the first time since transferring to an out-of-state university four years ago, my family has been my main priority. After moving back home it felt like I woke up from a dream and immediately had to make up for the lost time. Instead of focusing on the anger and stress the pandemic caused me, I found positives like becoming a teacher to my nephews who were now in their early teenage years. But throughout the pandemic mess, the thing I’m most proud of that I have continued to hold close is patience. Sports have been a part of me even before I was born having two older brothers. But when it is taken away from you out of thin air, I have had to learn to keep my mind busy surrounded by the people I love the most.

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