May 28, 2021

Gettin’ It Done By Any Means

Trevor Trout

Stephen A. Smith spoke to the class on Tuesday, and I got a little wrapped up in trying to have a conversation.Mr. Smith put me in check by telling me that my question was way too long. He reminded me that journalists need to get to the point. He doesn’t have all day.

Discouraged? No. He was 100% right.

And I wouldn’t change that memory for anything. 

Later in the day, the Cardinals traveled to the White Sox, and we had to cover a night game. Not only have I never covered a baseball game, but I can’t even’t remember the last time I’ve watched one … seriously. 

Professor Gregory Lee said I had to take it from the Sox perspective,  not like I grew up in St. Louis or anything. And yet, it worked out in my favor because the Birds couldn’t get more than one run. And Lance Lynn had the hype of a potential no-hitter.

Do I dislike baseball? Yes.

Did I make myself like? Yes.

Am I tired? A little. 

Did I die? No.

But we got better. And that was a part of the plan.

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