May 26, 2021

Getting ides on transferable skills

Claire Kuwana

As journalists, we are taught various things -- from the tiniest grammar or style details to more significant lessons on generating trust; there is a lot that goes into the profession. Today, we proved precisely that we learned about everything from what constitutes a preposition to how to film an audition tape on vacation.

What started as a grammar lesson quickly shifted gears as we heard from an actor, author, and White House reporter in the latter half of the day. But the message was the same across all three presentations: any lessons we learn during this week -- whether it is to be ready for spontaneous quizzes at all times or prepared with research before the game even starts -- are applicable no matter what industry we land in. In particular, journalists must establish a connection, develop trust and control their relationship with someone, a skill that is critical in other fields as well.

Hearing from these three speakers made me feel at ease as they reminded me that I would be ready for whatever life throws at me. Though I know that sports journalism is what I love, I can’t say precisely where I will end up or what I will fall into. Yet, whatever happens, I know that the skills I gain through journalism are transferable, and the foundation SJI provides me with can elevate me to the next level.  

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