June 15, 2020

My take: 'As a woman'.....

Kamryn Walker

Paola Boivin has jumped over the stereotype hurdle that women can’t report on sports. She could not find a job for two years after graduating from the University of Illinois, but she kept writing. Boivin and a girlfriend of hers decided to be spontaneous and move to Beverly Hills to work for a local newspaper. Later, she met her husband and they moved to Arizona where she became a sports columnist at the Arizona Republic. She describes the job as being horrifying and amazing at the same time. She said the biggest moment of her career came when a reader commented that she was “an idiot sports reporter.” One may wonder why she would react so positively to a comment like this, but the fact that the person did not refer to her as an idiot woman sports reporter felt like she was taking steps in the right direction for women in the business. I will be so excited one day when it will not be necessary to start a sentence with “as a woman” when talking about sports media. No one says “as a woman in banking,” or “as a woman in the courtroom.” As women, we must keep proving that we deserve to be on the same playing field as anyone else by doing what journalists do best, factual reporting.

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