The SJI family comes together at the end of the celebration.
June 2, 2022

SJI celebrates its 30th class with a reception at Arizona State

SJI Staff

The 30th Class of the Sports Journalism Institute concluded its session with a closing reception sponsored by the Freedom Forum at Arizona State University.
Co-founder Leon Carter hosted the two-hour event.

The event included words from the Freedom Forum's Gene Policinski, who explained the longstanding ties between the two organizations and what this anniversary means on their end.

Arizona State assistant dean Brett Kurland shared his thoughts about the school's relationship with SJI.

Alums Chris Lopez, Tashan Reed, Amna Subhan, and Duane Rankin shared what the program has meant to them.

There was a toast to SJI, then the evening concluded with the class of 2022 reciting the poem Invictus.

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