July 14, 2023

Wohler: Don’t be afraid to confront change

Lanie De La Milera

As APSE celebrates its 50th anniversary, we asked former presidents to discuss the past and the future of the organization. In today’s spotlight is Jeff Wohler, who was president from 1991-92.

What did you do as president of APSE?

“The thing I tried to do was begin an examination of the future of and for APSE. The electronic revolution was just a couple years away, and while there were hints that it was coming (fax machines were first), we had no idea of what else was to come.’’. 

What advice would you give to APSE and its presidents for the next 10 years? 50 years?

“Listen...to members, to readers/listeners/the public, your heart and your head. So much can, and will, change. Don't be afraid to confront change, adapt as necessary, but always look forward and with respect to the past.”

Should APSE  meet once or twice a year?

“I firmly believe the organization should meet twice a year -- once for contest judging, once for a convention. Difficult and pricey as it is, it gives members two opportunities to gather together -- the most important and vital role membership in a national organization can provide.”

Should the contest judge writing only or continue as is — writing and sections?

“Continue to judge writing and sections -- absolutely no question about it.”

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