June 8, 2020

Coronavirus impacts all

Ethan Sands

A global pandemic that has impacted people specifically in the United States seemingly hasn’t been this impactful since the swine flu. There are people around the world who are simultaneously grieving while attempting to continue their work. Everything being moved online and virtual first and foremost is an adjusting period.

COVID-19 primarily affected classes and the advancement of learning. In the field of journalism, prior to protests, it was intriguing to search for stories that were outside of COVID-19. I have found it exceedingly difficult to find stories that people don’t revert to talk about the pandemic, and that speaks volumes to people being impacted by the virus whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally.

Personally, being selected to one of the most prestigious journalism institutions, but having the internship opportunity postponed and the bootcamp virtualized is devastating. Now, I have to apply for other internships, extra scholarships and look for jobs outside of our industry.

Self-love has been crucial. Now that I am at home, I am able to take back time to reflect on myself and work on areas that I had been neglecting because of my course load and work schedule. I have the ability to work at my own pace and prioritize tasks.

The coronavirus has opened my eyes to the different perspectives of life that people are experiencing through these difficult times. I am more self-aware and self-reflective. Most importantly, I have a clear focus each day of what I need to get done, but where I can make an impact on those around me. Redefining my purpose each day.

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