Don’t let being overlooked affect your work

Jarod Hamilton

Iliana Limon Romero spoke to us about staying ready even when you don’t get selected at first to do something. She mentioned how being an alternate for an assignment should not change your mindset when going into the job. She answered my question about toeing the line between trying to be better than your peers and trying to help them and work well. Her response was essentially to be mindful that people are jealous and will do anything and everything to reveal something to someone that can affect your job.

Dr. Scott Brooks talked about women and the double standards brought against them by society, such as working a “second shift” (a woman doing a day job and then handling housekeeping and motherly duties once they get home). He talked about how Black athletes get less money through endorsement money than white women.

Richard Deitsch told us to read everything even out of our interest and find those leads or kickers. Even when people are talking, I should listen to them and see if I could find the basics of a story if I had to write one at the moment. I think that is a great exercise to try out, and I will try to do that going forward because I feel like that is a type of mental rep.

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